Getting a lot of airfare points this year. Here’s to safe travels tomorrow.

Adjusting to this new eating/cooking routine with Ben. Protein shakes, counting calories, etc. Made pancakes with just bananas and eggs this morning. To pump it up, added generous dash of cinnamon and almond butter. Huzzah! (Photo above was the closest I could find to what the food looked like… will remember to take a pic next time haha)

Just found out this morning my resident from the ALF was being transferred to a different one. I’m going to miss the crossword puzzles, word searches, and Jeopardy marathons. I’m going to miss her. Shed a couple tears.

I hope the new place is just as good and just as caring.

This. Take the edge off from the unbearable heat outside.

So… I fell in love with Chicago. Please return my feelings? (Fingers crossed!)


Naomi Shihab Nye, “Shoulders”

What I’m listening to as I pack my suitcase!

Now you too, can feel… like you’re packing your suitcase.

Errant Thoughts on Online Apartment Shopping

  1. What this really entails: keeping 50+ tabs open on my browser showcasing throw rugs, Homer & Aristotle Marble bookends, and other assorted items that will probably break/disintegrate in transport.
  2. And be impossible to assemble.
  3. In the back of my head, a voice whispers My dream living space is just a click away…! (says Ikea).
  4. Now I need to invite people over to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ about these procured items.

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